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                                                                                          -Deoraj Singh

UP, as we know, has provided maximum PM in numbers to the country and is now going to deliver the next President of India. Well, Presidential elections in India epitomize real politics at its very best. It is like a game of cards, which players tend to keep close to the chest, waiting for the other side to make the first move or commit a mistake or call a bluff. There are no set rules, no set criteria. One player’s trump is another’s dummy. And at times, the entire exercise is reduced to a process of selection by elimination. Presidential elections are strewn with instances of wild card entries taking away the cake and eating it too.

The present electoral scenario reveals the intent of opposition parties as they know number is not in their favour despite that they will not leave the stone unturned. That’s why, opposition parties have named former Lok Sabha Speaker, Meira Kumar as their candidate for the next President of India, setting the stage for a contest between two Dalit leaders on July 17. 

Opposition say, this is an ideological fight. By showing unity they are setting the stage for general election for the year 2019. UP will witness its own presidential candidate MR RamNath Kovind from Dalit Basti of Kanpur to RAISINA. In the meantime, he has been Governor of Bihar. Ms Mayavati and SP Supremo Akhilesh Yadav being a part of UPA are to support Meira Kumar. Here personal choice or the favour of Mulayam Yadav towards NDA candidate is not going to work. Yet it would be interesting to witness the Dalit verses Dalit fight for Raisina. The massive victory in recent UP assembly was designed with Dalits and most backward class which demolished the hopes of regional parties like SP and BSP along with Congress. Recent incidents in Saharanpur and the other parts of the state where the down trodden class and the well off class got into fight in the name of Dr B.R.Ambedkar and Maharana Pratap led he caste based armies to come into existence like in Bihar. This de-shaped and also irked the equation of the ruling party in UP. Politics of unrest grew stronger and opposition took it as a hope. Therefore BJP higher-ups chose to send a Dalit face for Raisina.