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The 14th President of India Ram Nath Kovind

 Former Bihar Governor, the BJP-led NDA candidate won the Presidential polls on 20th July with 65.6% with an accurate number of 702,044 electoral college votes against the UPA candidate Meira Kumar with 34.35% which is 367,314 votes. Counting happened under the supervision of Lok Sabha secretary general Anoop Mishra, who is also the Returning Officer.

Interestingly Ram Nath Kovind is the second Dalit President of India after K.R Narayanan. “Ram Nath Kovind, himself a Dalit and a BJP MP from UP, expressed a more positive view recently, stating that “open” discrimination against dalits has decreased dramatically over the last decade, while the number of persons who genuinely care about helping dalits has increased.

He maintained that while discrimination persists in the housing sector, employment decisions are usually free from bias,”

71 year old, Ramnath is said to be a very humble person, also famous for his simplicity and kindness. He is said to be the youngest of five brothers and two sisters. Kovind married his wife Savita Kovind on 30 May 1974. They have a son, Prashant Kumar, and a daughter, Swati.