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Environmental Emergency sounded in Manipur

Sunzu Bachaspatimayum

Recent natural disaster testifies that landlocked Manipur is facing the heavy brunt of a severe ecological imbalance. Flashing floods, outbreak of diseases, massive landslides and its most scenic fresh water lake, Loktak gradually becoming unfit for fish are symptoms, that its environment is screaming for help to quick reverse the damages or otherwise, the worst is yet to come.

During the non-stop rains the entire Northeastern region witnessed in the months of May-June, Manipur experienced its worst ever floods in 20 years. What was significant is that the inundation continued for a long time, marooning localities and causing lots of hardship. Usually the flood waters recede quickly but this time it took a lot of time to do so. 


The answers to this led us to the first dimension of the ecological imbalance that Manipur is going through, “it’s dying river system!” While the river system of Manipur drains into the bowl shaped Loktak Lake, all these rivers reeling down the weight of heavy siltation during rapid deforestation of the hills in Manipur and pollution is choking its flow.

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