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Land Rights For Indigenous People

Dwaipayan Dasgupta

Assam, as we understand is the most resource-rich and most productive State in the Northeast India. As a result of which, it ought to have by now been a power-house of growth.  But what has prevented the State from becoming so, is its plethora of intractable decades-old issues afflicting it and one such issue affecting the State for a prolonged spell of time is no other than the problem of illegal encroachment of all kinds of land available in the State like revenue lands, forestlands, satra lands, lands of tribal blocks and belts, by suspected immigrant from Bangladesh and non-tribal people including industrialists.

Candidly, the issue of illegal encroachment by them has long been a hackneyed one in both the print and electronic media decidedly, following social unrest stemming from periodic movements by different homegrown organizations in protest against the encroachment of land in the State by the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and non-tribal people including industrialists, disturbing peaceful condition in the State. Even then, the problem still remains unresolved, with the successive State governments having failed over the years to evolve out a well-thought-out, effective mechanism to prevent encroachment of fast- shrinking agricultural, non-agricultural and tribal lands.

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