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The apathy by the central media (be it electronic or print) has given rise to the sense of distrust, frustration and anguish amongst the people of this region. The unification of the cultural heritage, which seems to be the pride of this nation, has been remaining on papers alone. Are the concerned central agencies ignorant and unaware of the distinct cultures of the eight North-Eastern states, be it Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura or Sikkim?

The politicians of this country as well as the whole nation should know that the above eight gems are studded in one garland which is none else but the Northeast India only. At the same time almost all these North Eastern states remain suspicious about the loss of their cultural identity which they feel is in danger. This is the main reason of insurgency in the Northeast India which is only highlighted by the central media. The stray incident here and there becomes the headlines of the media and people from all over India re-engulfed with one and only notion that there is a lot of violence, terror and bloodshed in that region. Due to the fact, not to talk of the foreign tourist, the people from other parts of India hesitate to visit Northeast. Is it not damaging socially, culturally and economically? They (Social Media, print, media or electronic Media) all seem to have clogged their ears and closed their eyes towards the bright side of Northeast where many good and worthwhile things are also happening. This sort of negativity is harmful. Now for example, a lot of people are settled out of Northeast to other parts of this country. I would like to mention a case which happened sometimes back in the very capital of India i.e. New Delhi. A boy named Needo Tania from Arunachal Pradesh was beaten to death in New Delhi. The reason for his death was unbelievable. Some people of Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi commented on his hair style and the victim felt insulted and humiliated. He resisted of course but could not save his skin against black and blue beating from the people surrounding that area. The media in this regard which is termed as the fourth pillar should have adopted a responsible and philanthropic approach to make the people understand, that the boy whom they beat to death was cherishing a different culture so they should have been tolerant instead of indulging in such undesired and unwanted incident.


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