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The plague of reservation is failing to produce proficient citizens in this developing nation. Political parties have harvested its profits for their own benefit and not for whom it was introduced which is very much evident in every election manifesto of different parties. Indian constitution was adopted by the republic of India in 1950, where it is enacted that reservation should be given for those who were left out of society due to caste based discrimination. It was based on the principle enshrined in the constitution for equal opportunity. Although, initially the time frame was fixed for a period of 10 years, however it has been elasticized more than six and half decades by now either due to social reasons or to reap political mileage. Instead of thinking of its abolition, new additions are still happening. This reservation system was launched to upgrade poor and backward people living in different parts during and after the transition period of independent India so that, they can come up to a certain level of others. Policy makers of earlier and succeeding Govt. have failed to achieve its value till date. Today the condition is such, instead of trying to lessen the gap, the gorge of this caste based reservations systems is deepening and also spreading amongst the different communities.

For example, Jats are mostly dominant of Haryana and Rajasthan have been included in OBC (Other Backward Class) category recently who is the prime land owners of both the states. Moreover, Yadavs are the most dominant rulers and land owners too in Bihar and UP are also brought under OBC category. No matter whether they are rich or poor! It is only politics for whom branches of reservations are still prevalent and added one after another. No political party wishes to let it go because of losing this most powerful political tool of vote base policy. People who are really beleaguered are not even aware of the facilities provided by the government. The facilities are mostly being consumed by those people who are well settled and can afford basic amenities by themselves. Mr. X Y and Z are enjoying Govt. jobs under ST, SC and OBC quotas. Sometimes they also rule over their senior colleagues of the same office after getting premature promotion earmarked for them. Everyone possesses Bungalows, cars and a glitz of comforts by now and also putting their progenies in some of the high profiled schools and colleges in the city. Some of them are high ranking bureaucrats too. In short they are well to do in all aspects now. Still they are considered as privileged class and relishing every opportunity invariably generation after generations. How long they would be kept reaping these advantages? Bright students are discarded in a corner. Isn’t it disgusting? This is what the progress of this nation is so feeble due to the inferior products at the end. The whole lots of Govt. employees engaged through caste cards keep securing the benefits of their inherited category generation after generations. Their entitlements have been certified by the Govt. and keep validating for their heirs too without any hassle. While a major portion of the general caste are becoming jobless and homeless as well. A major percentage of general population whom considered as general caste becomes economically much weaker due to the helm of reservation. Many of them are seen well below the poverty line and fighting for their survival. Why this lifelong undue benefit has been kept provided to some of the special classes?

Rabin Prasad Kalita

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