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Progressively the start-up setting has been increasing in the North East region due to government initiatives, organizations and independent enthusiast, creating entrepreneurs to ideate, innovate, and challenge the shortcomings in the region.

North East region is inadequate due to assorted reasons. Logistic is one factor wherein, the cost is higher as compared to bigger cities therefore, failing to impress the investors and other corporate bodies across. 

A debate on the geography, infrastructure, and roads links is an endless matter. However, we lack recognition of the leading entrepreneurs especially women from North East Region who made a far-fetched mark in the metropolitan cities. Their entrepreneurial skills not only brought glory, money, and status but it does fortify the state in general.

Mary Lalboi, a young entrepreneur from North East India, hailing from Churchandpur brought up at Leimakhong, Manipur is well-known in the capital of the country for her constant effort in highlighting the North Eastern delicacies.

The story behind Rosang cafe

It was Miss Lalboi obsession and strong inclination that gave birth to the Multi Northeast Cuisine Restaurant, “Rosang Cafe”, in New Delhi, with its first outlet in the year 2002 catering to Manipuri and Mizo foods.

 “Rosang cafe” means God’s gift in Paite language. Rosang’s vision was to serve the most authentic North Eastern Cuisines and provide indigenous produce from the far away region. In March 2008, Rosang initiated another outlet at Safdarjung Enclave followed by its third cafe at Hauz Khas village in March 2013.

The entire vision behind “Rosang” was to bring out the health factor in front of the patron eyes. Food from the Northeast includes organic farm, garden vegetables, nuts and fruits, unpolished rice, whole grain, and multi grain flours, while its preparation involves soaking, fermentation, boiling, steaming, roasting, sprouting the grains and minimal use of oil to retain the maximum nutrients required for the health of the body. Varieties of food from Northeast are consumed owing to it being organic and healthy.

Challenges faced by Rosang; The acceptance of North Eastern food by the Delhi populace is startling. “Rosang”, was the most celebrated among all the North Eastern cafes and restaurants around. “Rosang” reviews appeared in multiple print media chiefly, the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Times of India, The Hindu, The Hindustan times, the Telegraph, various online portals and many more.

The interior and paintings at Rosang exhibits the eight different North East states. Miss Lalboi tags Rosang as the “spiced friendly cafe”. Though the task was not easy, the ingredients used in the cafe were imported from eight prominent states, serving its patron with the real taste of the North Eastern flavour. “I didn’t want to see my customers leaving the premises unhappy and unsatisfied” says Miss Lalboi.

Reason for shutdown of Rosang;

The importance of location is a factor to erect or break a business. “Rosang”, was not located in a commercial place. Later, the entire focus was shifted towards the major outlet at Green Park. However, the major closure of “ Rosang” at Hauz Khas village was exceedingly caused due to sewage issue that created problem not only for “Rosang” but the adjoining eateries too.

Lakshmi Kharkongor

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