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Man - elephant conflict

Searching for the reasons behind

Ripunjoy Das

Ma n - elephant c o n f l i c t isn’t something unheard of in Assam. Almost regularly we get to hear news of elephants straying into paddy fields and destroying crops or elephant dying on the railway tracks or being electrocuted.


The forest officials however, are quite aloof to the situation and are trying to convince people that they are doing the best they can. The result - innocent animals are losing lives on a regular basis. As per a report by a leading news channel, a total of nine elephants were killed in train-related accidents in Assam 2015.

Recently, yet another elephant was found dead in a huge paddy field at Lezai Kolakhowa area in upper Assam’s Dibrugarh district. This is the fourth elephant to die in the area during the past three weeks. Although the forest personnel are to officially spell out the reason behind the deaths, sources in the department have confirmed that most of these deaths have occurred due to electrocution by villagers.

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