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By Dwaipayan Dasgupta

There is possibly nothing that seems to afflict one’s mind more than depressing news that undeserving candidates have got jobs under the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) in the State only after giving bribes for them. Why is this phenomenon frustrating? Because if the money-for-job scam is not exposed, it will continue to prevail, as a result of which, it is the talented candidates with brilliant academic results, who will be deprived of plumb posts under the Commission which will indeed, be beyond the democratic norms and under no circumstances, be acceptable to the society.

 The phenomenon for what is called money-for-job scam coming into sharp focus is long continuing.

Of late, the process for investigation of financial scam in the APSC has reached such a crucial stage that if in the upcoming days far more startling revelations of many more names procuring jobs under the Commission via political influence or paying bribes come to light, there will hardly be anything left to get surprised at. One silver lining in the otherwise gloomy scenario is that the chief minister of the newlyelected Government in the State, Sarbananda Sonowal, has meanwhile promised zero tolerance against corruption. With his stand about it having been uncompromising, three ACS officers who were serving at different places in Assam, were lately reportedly arrested on the charge of procuring jobs under the Commission by paying money for the then APSC Chairman Rakesh Paul.

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