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The Assam Valley School Story- what went wrong?

Learning in today’s time is really complex. When all round development is of essence and not just marks, the education system has a collective responsibility to ensure that in the quest for excellence and discipline, the innocence of a child is not lost.

On the fateful day of 6th July, the lives of three children in a very reputed school of Upper Assam changed forever. The Assam Valley School which has brought from its ranks achievers in almost every part of the sphere was left in a deafening silence. The three student’s one the victim and the other two alleged perpetrators. While there was general public outrage that the thirteen year old boy Rahul Modi(name changed to protect the identity), student of class 7, had to undergo serious medical procedures(Jaw Surgery at Nemcare Hospital, Bhangagarh in Guwahati and two Titanium Plates were fixed), it got more complicated with time as people forgot that the other two boys were only 14 years old.

Social media went gung-ho in taking sides when one page was created to tell that the victim was a liar. Apparently a liar with 5 broken teeth and a fractured jaw and a bloody face!!! The school authorities vehemently deny it was the case of ragging or bullying and only a game of WWE gone wrong. (Well if the case was of ragging and bullying then the school could/would/will have landed in soup with the WWE authorities on whose back it was piggybacking to get out of the situation. Time will only tell).

Harsh Jhunjhunwala