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UDP 28 candidates for 2018 Election

The United Democratic Party (UDP) released the names of its candidate for the upcoming Election in 2018. In the first list the UDP has declared 28 names, 14 in the khasi hills and ten in the Garo Hills.

The President of the UDP Dr Donkupar Roy said that all the 28 names are cleared by the Election Committee (EC) in the meeting today. All the sitting MLA of the party must confirm that they will contest from the party in the 2018 election.

From Jaintia Hills the names include the former CEM of the JHADC, who is also sitting MDC Mr Moonlight Parait from 2-Jowai Constituency and Mr Kyrmen Shylla from 6-Khliehriat Constituency,

From Ri Bhoi Sitting MDC Smti Rona Khyndeit from 9-Nongpoh Constituency, from 11-Umsning Constituency Mr Donkupar Sumer sitting MDC in the KHADC and from 12-Umroi Constituency Mr First Force Deki Ramsiej.

In East Khasi Hills, 15-Mawlai Constituency Mr Embhahlang Syiemlieh, 16-East Shillong Constituency, Mr Bindo M Lanong, 17-North Shillong Constituency, Mr Joe Marwein, 18- West Shillong Constituency, Mr Paul Lyngdoh, 21-Nongthymmai Constituency Dr Jemino Mawthoh. 25-Mawsynram Constituency Mr Olan Suin, 26-Shella Constituency Dr Donkupar Roy. 28-Sohra Constituency Mr Titosstarwell Chyne. 29-MawkynrewConstituency, Mr. Remingtone Pyngrope.

The following are from West Khasi Hills District, 30-Mairang Constituency Mr Metbah Lyngdoh.31- Mawthadraishan Mr Brolding Nongsiej. 34-Mawshynrut Constituency Mr Savio Iawphniaw and from 35-Ranikor Constituency Mr Pius Marwein.

The Following are from the Garo Hills, 37-Kharkutta, Mr Luderburg Ch Momin, 41-Songsak Mr Arun N Marak, 42-Rongjeng Mr Bartush R Marak, 43-Williamnagar Mr Mahamsing M Sangma, 44-Rongsagre Mr Pillarson G Momin, 48-Selsella Mr Kabul A Sangma, 50-North Tura Mr Utpal Arengh, 51-South Tura Mr Pallab D Arengh, 54-Mahendraganj Mr Nidhuram Hajong,55-Salmanpara Mr Nimarson Momin.