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A 25 year old Nongmaithem Suraj from the sleeping suburban district of Kakching in Manipur is a rookie fashion photographer who is building a career in the competitive fashion industry of London and Mumbai after a Masters in Photography from the University of the Arts, London. 

Winner of the prestigious Fabrik Carbon Award for Photography 2018, England, Suraj’s works has been featured on independent media platforms based in London like Hunger TV, Schon Magazine, Metal Magazine, Sicky Magazine, MM Scene Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, Pansy Magazine, Sticks and Stones Mothership and many more. His photographs also participated in group exhibitions like Fashioned World: London College of Fashion MA19 Show Oxo Gallery, London 2019 and ‘The Everyday and the Epic’: MA Fashion Photography Exhibition, London, 2018 

“As a student from science background, my parents were not supportive when I first step into photography but they are now. They are supportive parents to what I enjoy doing and what I am. This is a great factor in building my confidence,” said Nongmaithem Suraj.

“Any parents want their children to be happy in life and I’m proud to see people appreciating and recognizing Suraj’s work,” said Col. Nabakishore, Suraj’s father while commenting on his son’s choice of Photography as a career.  “At the end of the day, people need to be happy in life and enjoy what they do. We should be happy with the profession we choose and stand out in the society,” said the proud father.

Pin-pointing out the works of American photographer, freelancer and photojournalist, Steve Mc Curry as his inspiration, Suraj rationalized his love for photography saying, “Steve Mc Curry’s perception of storytelling through a photograph is really strong and moving”.  Mc Curry is the photographer who captured the famous photo of an Afghan girl that featured on the cover of national geographic magazine.

Right from teens, Suraj documented things during his journey and other activities. While pursuing bachelor in Mass Media at St. Xavier’s, Mumbai, he started photographing music concerts and other public events as a hobby. Soon the hobby became his passion and landed him in London pursuing M.A in Fashion Photography from London College of Fashion.

Sunzu Bachaspatimayum

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