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Donboklang Wanniang

Triple talaq allows any Muslim man to legally divorce his wife by stating the word “talaq” thrice. The man did not need to cite any cause for the divorce and the wife need not be present at the time of assertion. For a long time it has been a subject of controversy and debates within the country, raising the issues of justice, gender equality, human rights and secularism. India has the world’s second-largest Muslim population. The issue has also cause a debate on the need for a uniform civil code in India.

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Disaster Management Training for Children with Disabilities

The District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) South West Khasi Hills District organised a one day programme for the differently abled students & teachers of Lynti Jingkyrmen School.

The workshop including mock drill was organized at the Multi-purpose hall DC office. The event was graced by Additional Deputy Commissioner-cum- CEO, DDMA, Shri H S Lyngdoh in the presence of Smti. D L Kharkongor, District Disaster Management Officer, South West Khasi Hills Mawkyrwat and other senior government officials.

During the training the students were sensitized on the concept of Disaster Management and the do’s and don’ts in time of earthquake, cyclone, flood, lightning and thunderstorms. They were also imparted practical training on search & rescue and first aid.


The resource persons on the day were Shri F Wankhar, DM Professional, Mawkyrwat, Smti. C Kharlyngdoh, DM Professional, Mawkyrwat, Shri E Kharbudon, DM Professional, State Disaster Management Authority, Shillong and Shri. K Shylla, DM Professional, State Disaster Management Authority, Shillong.

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Seminar on National Nutrition Week

The Department of Social Welfare of Meghalaya in collaboration the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Community Food & Nutrition Extension Unit (CFNEU) GOI kick-off the  National Nutrition Week with a one day State Level Workshop on the theme Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health.

The workshop was graced by the Meghalaya Minister for I & PR, Labour, etc, Dr. M. Ampareen Lyngdoh as the Chief Guest and Deputy Director, Department of Social Welfare, Smti Karuna Lamar as the Chairperson which was held at the Conference Hall of the of Social Welfare building itself Shillong.

Speaking at event Dr. Lyngdoh said that the main objective of this Week’s observation is to address the problems of malnutrition of mother and child which is prevalent in the State. She also said that that most mothers have this misconception that nutrition is associated with money and can be bought in the market, hence it is crucial for parents to take special care of their child in the first 24 months. She also reminded the social workers that they too have an equally important role to play to educate mothers on the importance of breastfeeding the child for the first six months because breast-milk is one of the most nutritious feed for the infants. she appeal to all young workers to take this opportunity to go to their respective places of work and chalk out programmes and activities which can help mothers understand the significance of a healthy and balanced diet.


 Others resource person were  Deputy Director of Social Welfare Department Smti Karuna Lamar and Demonstration Officer-II, CFNEU, Shillong Shri S B Singh.

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Umkhrah : what has thou to tell? 

Dondor Giri Nongkhlaw

 Lately Umkhrah river has been a burning topic of discussion because of its dreadful conditions, it really is a topic of grave concern, environmentally in terms of pollution, culturally and spatially in terms of unplanned proliferation of settlements on its banks. It is a river that people have praised, that poetry have been composed and songs sung and as people have come so people have gone its name would be etched forever in the geographical landscape of the Shillong Plateau as long as it flows whether clean or dirty. 

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Weavers of Sualkuchi The Spin in the Tale

The approaching of Christmas in Meghalaya indicates that it is time for a class of skilled weavers in Assam’s silk village Sualkuchi to move the shuttles of their looms faster. It is during this time of the year that these weavers of this textile hub, about 150km off Meghalaya’s capital Shillong, get to display their weaving skill on specially designed looms to weave traditional Khasi female dresses with vibrant colours and motifs.

Sualkuchi, known for its centuries old tradition of weaving Assamese silk-products and having world recognition for its unique handloom products, is also successfully producing traditional Khasi silk textile for ages. The annual trade of the traditional Khasi dresses made of mulberry silk in this silk village now runs into several crores.

Hara Kumar Baishya, an entrepreneur living in Phulbari Pahar area near the River Police Station of Sualkuchi has seven handlooms at his home that produce, on an average, 200 pieces of Khasi women’s attire in Mulberry silk, a month. For generations, this traditional weaver’s family has been associated with the skill and today, on an average, he gets Rs 1,600/ for every piece of such silk products, he tells Eastern Panorama.

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