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The Verdict

The Supreme Court’s judgment will ensure transparency in the corporate world

Most of the people in the North East are not aware that one of their illustrious sons was among those who had filed a PIL in the Supreme Court of India concerning the country’s largest ever scam involving illegal sale of the scare 2nd Generation Spectrum  at a throwaway price. James Michael Lyngdoh, 73, is of Khasi origin and son of a district judge of Meghalaya. He had studied at St Stephen’s College in Delhi,  joined the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Add a comment Read more...

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Reworked Lokpal Bill A Jokepal?

The Lokpal Bill has been passed but is it too weak for Anna Hazare’s liking?

In the end the political class has shown what they are made of. They fought among each other; took names, a section of them even flouted the past Parliamentary precedents, quickly crafted out a new Lokpal Bill draft and ultimately some of them took on the chief campaigner for of the proposed Ombudsman to fight the corruption menace, Anna Hazare himself.

Truly, the lower house of Indian Parliament, the Lok Sabha, had a date with history on December 22nd of 2011 as it took up in greater detail the matters concerning the much talked about anti-corruption Lokpal Bill amid strong protests by a sizeable section of members. The Bill was introduced after a day - long drama wherein Add a comment Read more...

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The girl who dared to dream big

Tine Mena, a village girl born in remote Etali in Dibang Valley in Arunachal Pradesh became the first woman Everester from NE to summit the Mount Everest

Keter Bagra
Buge Mena, a simple inhabitant of Etali village in the remote Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh might never have imagined that his daughter born in September 1987 would scale the world’s tallest peak one day, much less be the first woman Northeasterner to achieve the feat. For his daughter, Tine Mena, the journey to the top of world’s tallest mountain has never been smooth, as in the case of all other achievements in life. Many challenges, obstacles, and some chance encounter with benevolent persons were written in her fate before she finally braved and achieved the outstanding act creating a ripple in the mountaineering circle.
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Ramdev eviction

Anatomy of the Fungus of Corruption

The Congress sponsored midnight police brutality on non-violent protesters at Ram Lilla Maidan has received sharp reaction from across the country with politicians blaming Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister directly for presiding over a Jallianwallah Bagh like swoop on fasting and sleeping people.


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The World Bank Road

Mizoram’s Path to Prosperity

In a hilly and landlocked state like Mizoram roads are the drivers of the economy, lifeline of the people and a medium to take development to the doorstep of the citizens. With improved connectivity people in remote and inaccessible parts can have better access to education and healthcare.  Expansion of markets for selling agricultural produce and development of micro enterprises help in the economic empowerment of the people. In this manner, roads thus have the potential to bring about marked changes in the quality of life and standard of living. Border Roads Organization had played the pioneering role in connectivity in Mizoram in the 1960s but that role is now being taken over by the state PWD, which has recently completed the construction of the biggest road project in the state.


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