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The Gorkhas - Sons of the Soil, Pride of the Nation

Many people have amisconception about the Gorkhas in India - that they are foreigners and have migrated from Nepal. There could not be a greater mistake than this. The Gorkhas are in fact the aborigines of India and they can trace their history back to ancient times. The Gorkha community is the product of Indo-Aryan and Mongoloid assimilation from ages past. As a linguistic group they can trace their origin back to Indo-Aryan and Tibeto-Burman beginnings. In fact the Gorkhas consist of both Indo-Aryan and Mongoloid racial groups.

In the Mahabharata and Manusmriti names of Khasa are mentioned. They are in fact the Gorkhas. The Gorkhas spoke the language then known as Khaskura Khasas as a community existed in Nepal which it later changed to another ethnic name. Add a comment Read more...

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Post Independence Development In Mining Industry

Sixty two years of independent existence is a noteworthy milestone for any country. That too, for a developing nation like ours, every year is important. The position as it was in 1947 was entirely different from what we see today. Our motherland has seen vast changes in all fields as compared to those days of utter poverty. The sole reason for this change is the hard work of all Indians and a dynamic and determined leadership of India.
Our country has seen spectacular progress through white revolution, green revolution, computer revolution, education, medicine, space, atomic, power and industrial revolution through -copious supply of raw materials i.e., the minerals. Thus, there is a tremendous development in the field of mining which is the backbone of industry in India or for that matter anywhere in the world. The prime contributory factors for the progress of any nation are the fields of agriculture, forestry and mining. Add a comment Read more...