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Participation of ASSAM’S WOMEN in Freedom Struggle of India

-By Jahidul Islam Khan

The participation of women of India up to the 19th century was restricted only to the members of the royal and noble families. During the first part of 20th century when the wave of women up rise was blowing in the country and Mahatma Gandhi started Non-Cooperation Movement against the British rule, the women from Assam took leading part in the struggle. In Non-Cooperation Movement, women’s participation was more important than that of the men, because they were the symbol of strength. 

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Recalling Gopinath Bordoloi on his Death Anniversary... 

Lokpriya Bordoloi Gopinath was the first Chief Minister of Assam after Independence. He was the Chief Minister (then called Prime Minister) of Assam from 19 September, 1938 to 17 November, 1939 and again from 11 February, 1946 until India’s independence on 15 August, 1947. He then became the Chief Minister of Assam and remained in office until his death on 5 August, 1950. Today in his 67th Death Anniversary we pay him the homage for being the kind, loved, respectful and charitable persona which made him known as “Lokpriya” means “beloved of the people”.

In this journey let us refresh ourselves with his immense contribution for the freedom of Nation from the British rule. He was an eminent freedom fighter and a supporter of Gandhiji and non-violence. Born on June 6 1860 at Raha Gopinath Bordoloi worked for the country in attaining independence from the British rule. After his schooling from Cotton Collegiate School he attended the Scottish Church College at Calcutta city known as Kolkata in present times.

During his college times, he got associated with India National Congress as a volunteer and soon took a leading role in the establishment of Congress party in North- East especially in Assam during the 1930s era. All the regional parties were asked to merge with the congress Party making Bordoloi its first secretary which later plunged into Non- Cooperation movement led by Gandhiji. He was most instrumental during 1946-47, when he worked day and night to prevent the inclusion of the significantly Hindu dominated Assam into East Pakistan that nurtured a majority of Muslims. This was the most crucial time for Gopinath Bordoloi when the then undivided majority Muslim political leaders from Bengal, with most of them affiliated to the Muslim League, desired the inclusion of significantly Hindu dominated Assam into East Pakistan that nurtured a majority of Muslims. Later the matter was sorted out by holding a number of rallies and demonstrations with high ranking officials in the colonial Government because of this reasons there were apprehensions about the breaking of mass communal riots in the Assam region but Bordoloi and other leaders used sensitivity and political influence to maintain the territorial integrity of Assam with the Union Government of India. Post Independence too he worked with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to secure the sovereignty of Assam from the communist China and East Pakistan from both the sides. He dedicated towards rehabilitating thousands of Hindu refugees from East Pakistan for possibility of any riots keeping in mind to maintain communal peace and harmony which was successful until 1971 war for East Pakistan’s freedom.

He earned the title of “Architect of Modern Assam” for making an effort of all round development in Assam. In his memory Guwahati International Airport is named after Him as “Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport” which is the primary Airport of the North- Eastern States of India.


He was also honoured with Bharat Ratna Posthumously prestigious award in the year 1999 after 50 years of his death anniversary.

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Defining article 175

Article 175 does empower the Governor to address and send messages to the House or Houses (in states with a Legislative Council). The Governor can send messages “whether with respect to a Bill then pending in the Legislature or otherwise”, and the House “shall with all convenient dispatch consider any matter required by the message to be taken into consideration”.

However, as held by the Supreme Court in many cases, the power of the Governor is not absolute. He is bound to act on the advice of the state cabinet. In its landmark judgment in Union of India vs Valluri Basavaiah Chaudhary and Others, a Constitution bench of the Supreme Court in 1979 held that the Governor was a “constitutional had of the State Executive, and has, therefore, to act on the advice of the Council of Ministers”.

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A reproduction of the actual article which appeared onlineFAKE NEWS Reports PUBLISHED IN US Websites

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” -Mark Twain

As a news reporter, Mark Twain planted many a false story in the newspapers. In 1864, he even left Nevada in an extreme hurry to save himself from a duel-fight with someone against whom he had written a hoax news report.

Hence, this celebrated writer was absolutely true when he made the above observation. False news stories do become global sensations while the original ones don’t spread over the city’s boundary. Just see what impact the false “Assam Rape Festival” story had had. It created global ripples!

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Satsang - A novel plane of living

Satsang is a charitable philanthropic man making institution of world repute with millions of devotees and disciples belonging to various cast, creeds, communities and religious faiths in different walks of life from every nook and corner of the world with its headquarters at Satsang Nagar, Deoghar, Jharkhand. The life force of the institution is Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra who is regarded as the living embodiment of infinite love and knowledge by devotees.

In the year 1946 Sri Sri Thakur all of sudden came to Deoghar at the Add a comment Read more...