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Satsang - A novel plane of living

Satsang is a charitable philanthropic man making institution of world repute with millions of devotees and disciples belonging to various cast, creeds, communities and religious faiths in different walks of life from every nook and corner of the world with its headquarters at Satsang Nagar, Deoghar, Jharkhand. The life force of the institution is Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra who is regarded as the living embodiment of infinite love and knowledge by devotees.

In the year 1946 Sri Sri Thakur all of sudden came to Deoghar at the Add a comment Read more...

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The last words of comfort

Palliative Care in Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

Though a cure for cancer is yet to be found by scientists and experts, every care is now taken to ensure that the incurable does not suffer the pangs and agonies and breathes his last comfortably. This is how Cachar Cancer Hospital and ResearchCentre located at Meherpur Silchar has made this its prime concern under the able guidance and leadership of 

Dr. Ravi Kannan, Director. There has been a stream of professional visitors from home and abroad with specializationin palliative care to this centre of cancer treatment. Among them mention may be made of Priya Patel, Director of Operations and Mayank Singhal, Director of Development, India Run for Hope, USA.

Their organization extended support to the palliative care unit of the Hospital through the Indo-American Cancer Association. Dr. Meg O’ Brien, Director, Global Access to

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The Rekindling of Old Flames

Cheif Minister Mamata Banerjee with GJM leaders in Darjeeling

Is the Mamata - GJM friendship back on track?

The Mamata - Morcha friendship seemed to come much closer on the 25th of October as a long meeting between the two dubbed the much hyped meet as successful wherein it was decided that a bipartite meet would be held after the festival of lights. Any talks with the State Government had been ruled out by the Morcha in its latest tirade against the Government earlier. While the bipartite talks would be held in Kolkata, it is expected to be followed by tripartite talks and the three GJM legislators would be heading to Delhi along with the TMC MPs to pressurize the Central Government to release funds to the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA). “I am happy that the GTA has started functioning. However they will have to elect a new GTA Chief” said the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee after the meeting. “I have requested them not to indulge in bandhs as it hampers development and Add a comment Read more...

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The World of Business

No Shortcut Route Open

Little did we think that the airlines could compete with the railways, the then sanctioned housing loans turning to be a giant sub-prime crisis and great recession would be visiting the biggies at a time when mankind wishes to look at the other planets to find out the existence of the counterpart

The time has arrived when we note that even the best of professionals need a team of effective information managers to ensure optimal productivity, an effective system of internal control skills to provide inputs to quicken the process of decision making. An attitudinal change is a must in such a context as the nature of business has been becoming more and more complex. Today’s business means, clearly, becoming an international player as nothing of such could succeed if the same remains restricted to a frog in the well form. It is something like accepting that ‘the ship looks good when parked at the harbour but the same is not meant to remain so. Business without risk is virtually preparing an omelet without breaking the egg. Add a comment Read more...

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Power Struggle

Natural resources and their bearing on the future of mankind

The random exploitation of natural deposits, both collectively and individually, for reasons best known to each citizen, has deeply affected the ecological balances. People around this planet now know for sure that its natural resources are exhaustible and are being exhausted at a very fast rate. It is therefore, our moral duty to preserve the energy resources available to us, as citizen of this planet Earth. Scholars around the world, have been researching and thoroughly investigating this very important issue – namely the preservation of energy resources naturally or artificially, and have made valuable contributions in solving this menace. Tremendous efforts on this subject have been put in via seminars, workshops, summer - winter school, discussions, debates, conferences. A huge amount of money has been spent all over the world, and a good number of write-ups in the international journals and magazines have been featured on the subject. Through this article we feel it necessary, to reflect our thoughts, views and opinions: To learn to think in a new way, a task set by Einstein and Russell several decades ago, is becoming particularly necessary these days. Add a comment Read more...