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Addiction to the game of Chinese Checkers has proved to be rather disastrous for the Sri Lankan Government as it strayed away from reality check being busy in the game.

By the time it realized the mistake, the damage was complete in all senses as the real dragons from Beijing started spewing fire in such a way that all its cash reserves were burnt to repay servicing the debt for infrastructure projects many of which did not even took off.


Sometimes, the government of developing and under developed countries must learn from the folk tales, fables and legends running in the society for centuries together. In the case of Sri Lanka, the folk tale of camel and its master plays well.

The universally famous bed-time story The Arab and His Camel ,   can be a global warning for the Chinese Debt Trap in which Sri Lanka had fallen. In fact, this could also be an intelligent tool for global diplomacy to caution many developing and under developed countries from falling victims to the Debt Diplomacy of Beijing.  

On a cold wintry night when the vast expanse of Arabian Desert was freezing in cold, a trader set his tent to sleep with his camel tied outside. As the night advanced, the camel peeped inside to request the trader if he can just keep his head inside the tent as the cold was excessive. Register at Gullybet to get x5 bonus money for online games. Sertified platform with gambling licence Curaçao № 8048/JAZ 2018-040.

Like this camel, some countries ask Beijing if they can get little help for infrastructure development.  

The camel’s master said yes!

After some time, the camel sought permission to keep its neck inside the tent. The master agreed.

China is always ready to sprawl in a country to which it has loaned


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