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Dr. Kalidas Sarma met with the Professor Dhananjoy Joshi, recently at Delhi. Professor Joshi was a professor, Dean & Professor of Education in GGSIP University New Delhi and presently the Vice Chancellor of Delhi Teachers University. Discussed with him on various aims and objectives of DTU and  its future contour. This is the first teacher’s training University. Here are his excerpts on it:

K.Sarma- As the Delhi Teachers University has come up in a new way in Delhi and you are the first V.C of this university, what is your opinion in this regard?

V.C- D. Joshi- Since independence, the university’s priority is to set up new institutions in the field of law, architects but there was a scarcity of teachers training institutions. Though there were B.Ed Colleges since pre-independence, there was no proper universities except few. But this university is first of its kind the mandate of this university is basically to improve the quality of teachers.

In the last 75 years, the focus was given to quantity and  not quality, so the teacher's training is a lacuna part of our system. We have not given proper importance to teachers' training.  Teaching is considered to be the last choice and these kinds of notions and narratives have to be taken care of and we are working on those who are passionate about teaching profession. National education also says that we must produce quality teachers, whose passion is teaching. So for these objectives, Delhi Teachers University has been established by an Act of Govt.of Delhi. I feel fortunate to be given the Charge of founder Vice Chancellor, and actualize the dream of we could be the Visha Guru, and be the best teachers for the nation and the world.  That is why, this new University is working to integrate teachers education program, B.A. B. Ed, BSc B.Ed, B.Com B.Ed, and enhancing Masters in Education to Ph.D.  

K.Sarma- Since this University is the first of its kind in Delhi or all over India, so in what ways are you viewing to bring this university into the global arena?

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