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Pencak Silat rekindling

Olympic Dreams of Asian Martial Art Sportspersons

Sunzu Bachaspatimayum

There’s renewed hope amongst martial arts based sportspersons of Manipur that finally their passion, dedication and hard work would pay off in fulfilling the Olympic dream. This wind of change comes with the global recognition of the newest contact sports that originated from Indonesia – Pencak Silat.

Unlike many other physical sports like Wushu and Kickboxing, Pencak Silat, which will feature in 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, is recognized by the Asian Olympic Council and is likely to feature in future Olympic games.


This is a tremendous development for Asian sportspersons who excel in these combat sports but their distinct skill over the disciplines like Wushu and Kickboxing have been translated as the ultimate sporting achievement as these categories of sports have not been given due recognition in the Olympic games. Naturally, there are hordes of distinguished Wushu and Kickboxing players embracing the newest contact sports.

Manipur with its glorious tradition of martial arts and talents have dominated national Wushu and Kickboxing scene in the country, is leveraging the similarity of Wushu and kickboxing to grab the opportunity that Pencak Silat - unlike Wushu or Kickboxing – is offering – The Olympic Dream!

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