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Truly said…Mother’s Love is Mother’s Strength


A 50-year old single mother braved the strict lockdown by riding her Scooty for about 1,400 Kilometers to bring her 17- year old son home.


Razia Begum, a teacher by profession lives in Nizamabad district of Telengana was anxious about the wellbeing of her son studying medicine in Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh who had been caught in lockdown.


Finding no other way out to bring her son back home, she approached Assistant Police Commissioner, Jaipal Reddy in Bodhan, after hearing her, issued a pass to travel to Hyderabad to bring her son home.


Razia Begum took her Scooty and hit the road to rode around 700 kms to reach Nellore where her son, Md. Nizamuddin got stranded in the house of his friend to look after his ailing father.


She was stopped at many check gates by police on duty on the way to Hyderabad, but on producing pass issued by Assistant Police Commissioner, they all helped and treated her well.


After reaching Nellore, she took rest and rode back to home at Bodhan with son traveling same distance of 700 kms within three days times.


 Thus, an inspiring journey of a mother ended with son in home, safe home and in the lap of mother that defies The Dreaded Covid 19 to touch her son!  




A journey of a 12-year old during lockdown ended in eternal sleep 


Story goes like this - A 12-year-old Girl Jamlo Makdam set her journey on foot to reach home succumbed after walking about 150 kms during lockdown. 


Jamlo along with a group of daily wage earners engaged in the chilli fields in Kannaiguda village in Telangana, suddenly heard the word Lockdown where she could hardly understand its implication in her life.


But soon she realised the meaning of strict lockdown that refrained her from visiting home as and when she wanted. But innocent and restless mind could not restrict her to reach home. As she thought, so was her decision.


Since there was no transportation to travel to her home, she set two-leg on the road to reach home and started walking on April 15 and died near Bhandarpal village in Bijapur of Chhattisgarh after walking nearly 150 kms on April 18.  

She was about to reach her home in a day which is just 50 kms away from Bijapur where she breathed her last. She was spotted by the police and admitted in the hospital, where her medical examinations and tests were carried thoroughly and was found to be Corona negative. She reportedly died due to extreme dehydration. 


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