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Power Struggle

Natural resources and their bearing on the future of mankind

The random exploitation of natural deposits, both collectively and individually, for reasons best known to each citizen, has deeply affected the ecological balances. People around this planet now know for sure that its natural resources are exhaustible and are being exhausted at a very fast rate. It is therefore, our moral duty to preserve the energy resources available to us, as citizen of this planet Earth. Scholars around the world, have been researching and thoroughly investigating this very important issue – namely the preservation of energy resources naturally or artificially, and have made valuable contributions in solving this menace. Tremendous efforts on this subject have been put in via seminars, workshops, summer - winter school, discussions, debates, conferences. A huge amount of money has been spent all over the world, and a good number of write-ups in the international journals and magazines have been featured on the subject. Through this article we feel it necessary, to reflect our thoughts, views and opinions: To learn to think in a new way, a task set by Einstein and Russell several decades ago, is becoming particularly necessary these days. Add a comment Read more...

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A Rice in Production

Assam’s Indigenous Rice Finds Place In The World Market

Bao-dhaan, an organic and indigenous rice paddy in Assam, popularly known as red-rice has found its space in the world’s rice market thanks to the initiatives of district administration of Dhemaji - a severe flood - prone district in Upper Assam, State Agriculture Department and Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Assam to establish business tie - up  with Lotus Foods, a corporate body of international repute known for procurement of rice based in the United States.

Over 300 MT of the indigenous rice paddy, grown abundant throughout the State in deep - water will soon be sent to the US benefiting hundreds of poor and marginal farmers of the State. The State Agriculture Department has directed the Assam State Agriculture Marketing Board to procure the rice directly from the farmers and subsequently sell it to Nature Bio Foods Ltd. based in Haryana, which is the partner of Lotus Foods in India. Add a comment Read more...

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Downfall of The Rupee

Fall,fall and fall,is the story of Indian rupee.At the time of writing this article,the price of one dollar was 65,the lowest ever in the history of India.

The increase in the cost of the dollar means increase inflation in the country,which gives rise to increase in the cost of living.The foreign tours and foreign studies will be more expensive and import too will be expensive. It will weigh heavily on our economy.

The main reason for the fall of rupee is that the US Federation Reserve has hinted at winding down the program to pump in billions of dollars in view of improved recovery in economy.Part of this money comes to India as Indian equities.Portfolio investors are now withdrawing money from the dollar and pulling down the local currency,the rupee.


If the currency is deficiating it implies that its value has fallen in relation to another currency.In the present context,the value of rupee has fallen or deficiated from about Rs.55 to about Rs.65 in three months.It directly affects people/institutions like banks,brokers,government trading currencies etc.This explains why the currency price fluctuation is seen every day. Add a comment Read more...

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Unstoppable India!

Young India holds the key

Few civilizations have perhaps witnessed as much of a transitional phase in history than India. Yet, it is to our strength that the country has made giant strides. The colonial invasion, gory past of bloodshed or the nefarious caste system – actually nothing could mar the spirit of optimism that the countrymen display braving all odds. In the words of longtime India watcher Mark Tully, the famous BBC journalist, “India is often likened to an elephant lumbering along unstoppable”

If the saying ‘Nothing is permanent except change’ is relevant anywhere,it is in the context of India’s emergence as an upcoming global economy and regional power to a large extent. It has braved crises after crises – and surmounted challenge after challenge.The inherent resilient power vis-à-vis the economic recession and successful management of its economy and its polity has earned the country a respectable position in the comity of nations. But the future roadmap is full of hurdles and the onus to negotiate with the curves would Add a comment Read more...

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The Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s comments as she begun her 16th year as party chief that being at the helm was “not an easy task” has turned prophetic. Within a fortnight since March 13, 2013, Gandhi saw the UPA, of which she is the chairperson limp into a major political crisis as the southern ally DMK ended their 9-year-old alliance. As one writes this piece racing against a deadline, Add a comment Read more...