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The World of Business

No Shortcut Route Open

Little did we think that the airlines could compete with the railways, the then sanctioned housing loans turning to be a giant sub-prime crisis and great recession would be visiting the biggies at a time when mankind wishes to look at the other planets to find out the existence of the counterpart

The time has arrived when we note that even the best of professionals need a team of effective information managers to ensure optimal productivity, an effective system of internal control skills to provide inputs to quicken the process of decision making. An attitudinal change is a must in such a context as the nature of business has been becoming more and more complex. Today’s business means, clearly, becoming an international player as nothing of such could succeed if the same remains restricted to a frog in the well form. It is something like accepting that ‘the ship looks good when parked at the harbour but the same is not meant to remain so. Business without risk is virtually preparing an omelet without breaking the egg. Add a comment Read more...

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Global Window

Whether the answers to these very tricky notes of interrogation would be an emphatic “Yes” or “No”, nobody knows. But this issue has certainly been raised for the first time since the end of World War II due to the debt crisis in USA. The situation also warns of the return of the ‘Black Tuesday’ of the Great Depression which began on October 29th, 1929.

The Great Depression, an example of how far the world’s economy can decline, originated in the USA after Wall Street suddenly crashed. It hit the entire world.

Is ‘BLACK TUESDAY’ Going to Strike Back?
‘De-Americanize the World’ - Chinese Recipe For US Crisis
Is it time to ‘de-Americanize’ the world? Is ‘Black Tuesday’ coming after 84-long years?

The Federal Government in USA had been in partial shutdown since Congress missed a 1st October deadline to pass a budget. This situation occurred as the politicians were not able to agree on funding for current spending resulting in lakhs of federal employees being sent home and government offices closed. The Republicans did not approve the new budget and said unless President Barak Obama agreed to delay or eliminate the funding of the healthcare reform law of 2010, they will not

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DILIP KUMAR- A Catharsis among audiences and the prodigy of sullen roles in Bollywood.

Whenever we think about a melancholic role that an actor plays in Bollywood we cannot help but remember one man that made such roles famous, and that person is none other than ‘Dilip Kumar’. Going back to the times when cable television was scarce and all people could watch were the telecast of the infamous Doodarshan Kendra, people could not help but admire the stars that were brought to the view every weekend in the evenings. It can be honestly claimed that those movies were the earliest form of electronic entertainment. It was through those movies that the people belonging to that generation fell in love with actors such as Amitabh Bachchan in angry young man roles, Raj Kapoor joking around, Shammi Kapoor gyrating, the renowned white pants of Jitendra and of course the legendary tragedies of Dilip Kumar. These pioneers of the Bollywood film industry has undeniably influenced during one phase of our lives or another. They have set the path way for the struggling actor of today’s generation and have also set upon minds some fond memories. Add a comment Read more...

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Bird phenomenon at Jatinga starts with the resolution to save birds

Like every year, this year also the winged guests of Jatinga have started their arrival at Jatinga village. Unlike in previous years, this time young children have decided not to kill these winged guests of Jatinga as was done in earlier days. Earlier, the birds at Jatinga were being killed for consumption but this time several young children have come forward to save the birds coming to Jatinga.

Amnem Siangsai and D. Sumer, students of Class 6 and 7 rescued one beautiful bird (moorhen) at Jatinga. The bird came to Jatinga at about 10.20pm when these two boys were watching the bird phenomenon at Jatinga village.

Later they handed over the bird to the Additional Principal Conservator of Forest Sri Bikash Brahma, IFS at his bunglow. Add a comment Read more...

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Foreign Direct Investment


Let us first have a quick look at what is going on right now globally so far as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is concerned. The slow recovery in Greenfield FDI in 2011 ground to a halt in 2012, with the second biggest decline in FDI since the start of the world recession. All regions of the world experienced a decline in FDI, the main exceptions being Chile, Spain, Indonesia, Poland and Oman, all of which experienced strong growth in inward investment projects.

Chile replaced Brazil as the star performer of 2012. Investment to Chile is driven by sustained 5 percent+ GDP growth rates and, in 2012, an influx of renewable energy investments (attracted by excellent conditions for solar power and electricity demand from the mining sector). Add a comment Read more...