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It is a gums disease. Just from the children of five years to old aged person may suffer from their periodontal disease. It affects the membrane surrounding the teeth root. If this disease is not treated in time, it may become a cause of early loss of teeth and even can invite canav symptoms:

  1. The gum turns ulcerative.
  2. Teeth roots decay gradually.
  3. Pus and morbid blood excrete from the teeth root.
  4. Toothache turns out to be a day to day problem.
  5. Bad breathe


  1. SarvangasanaUnclean mouth cavity becomes an abode of bacteria which creates this trouble.
  2. Improper way of brushing the teeth.
  3. Injury in gums.
  4. Regular stagnation of food particles between the teeth.
  5. Ill health also creates this problem.
  6. Malfunction of the parathyroid gland among the adults.
  7. Use of tobacco leaves ponder.
  8. Shortage of calcium in human body.
  9. Regular intake of strong drugs may also invite Pyorrhea.
  10. Above all abuse of sex is one of the important causes of this disease
  11. Prolonged mental tension and depression.

I would like to mention that Pyorrhoea can create many other health problems like leprosy, leucoderna, Lalitosis, bowel disorder, liver troubles and even cancer ultimately. A proper care and treatment is advocated.


  1. Supta BajrasanaGobakshi has been found useful for this problem. The bark of Gobakshi (sheora) may be used as paste while washing and cleaning teeth daily.
  2. Decocted water of neem leaves may be used as mouth wash daily in the mornings.
  3. Decocted water of Sanangse leaves (touch-me-not) may also be used as mouthwash daily in the afternoon.
  4. Juice of blackberry leaves may be used as mouthwash to control Pyorrhoea.
  5. The seeds of Kaktakari have been found useful. The seeds should be crushed into powder to use as tooth paste.
  6. Tea spoonful of mustard oil mixed with a little rock salt should be kept in mouth for 5 minutes to get relief from trouble.
  7. The juice of green durba may be used as mouthwash once in a day for Pyorrhoea
  8. The white ashes of bamboo roots mixed with the ashes of coconut roots may be used a tooth powder once in a diary.
  9. Baxul fruits have been found to be useful in case of Pyorrhoea.The green fruit is better than the ripe one.
  10. Besides the above the patient should use very soft tooth brush and move it very gently over the teeth. Teeth should be cleaned thrice a day in the morning, afternoon and night regularly.


Trikone asanaIf a V patient wants to get rid of this disease forever then he should do Yogasana everyday without running after medicines and dentists.

In the morning one must wash his mouth with the decocted water of neem leaves and then drink two glasses of Luke warm water empty stomach. After five minutes he will do the following Yogakriyas.

  1. Sarvangasana:The patient should stay on this posture for 5 minutes with five times break (one minute x 5 times). If he is unable to do it then he may do Sahaj Biparit Karani Mudra for one minute x 5 times.
  2. Supta Bajrasana:The above asana should be followed by this asana. Timing is one minute with five times repetation.
  3. Padalastasana: timing is 45 second x 5 times.
  4. Trikone asana – two minutes only.
  5. Ustrasana – timing is 30 seconds x 3 times.
  6. Sasangasana – this asana should be followed by ustrasana for 30 seconds x 2 times.
  7. Pabanmuktasana – This should be done to avoid constipation problem. A constipation patient cannot have pure blood which is essential for dental health.
  8. Adhomukh Sabanasana:Even a high blood pressure patient can do it without-fear for 30 seconds x 3 times daily. It will bring  opious blood supplies to the teeth.
  9. Anuloom Bhiloom Pranayama – 5 minutes only.
  10. the above prayamas should be followed by Ujjayye for 2 minutes only
  11. Tooth Karee Pranayama – for 2 minutes only.If he is unable to do it then he may do Shiva Pranayama no. 2 for 2 minutes only.
  12. He will be benefited by neck exercises.After a few months practice, he will find much better and than he will have to do the progressive asanas,-
  1. Sirsasana – this is the best asana for a Pyorrhoea patient. But if he has high blood pressure he must not try it  and also Sarbangasana because it may bring risk for him. In such a case he may do,-
  2. Suryanamaskar – for one to three times. But this suryanamaskar should also be followed by sabasana – for 10 minutes and then he shoulkd do.
  3. Chandra Nadi Suddhi Pranayama for 5 minutes
  4. Kakasana – 30 second x 3 times.
  5. Uddyan – 10 second x 5 times.

From my experience I dare to say that Pyorrhoea is fully curable but the patient should have patience, perseverance and practice only.

He should not chew rough and hard food until he is fully cured. He should also avoid freeze water and ice-cream.

By dint of my prolonged experience I have come to the conclusion that the Pyorrhoea patient must not do Halasana and Makarasana. If he does so he will have to loss his teeth as these two asanas gives unwanted pressure on the jaws which the Pyorrhoea teeth cannot tolerate.

Anil K.R Sarkar