KHANGCHENDZONGA NATIONAL PARK is the first Indian national park declared as “Mixed Criteria World Heritage Site” by UNESCO

Located in the heart of tiny Himalayan range, KNP includes a unique diversity of plains, valleys lakes, glaciers and spectacular snow-capped mountains, forest, people and their culture and traditions, including the world third highest peak Mount Khangchendzonga.


There are number of Heritage Sites and National Parks acrossthe globe which were included in World Heritage Site but very few in the world received the title of World Heritage Site in “Mixed Criteria World Heritage Site”. The Khangchendzonga National Park-an enormous respiratory of high-altitude flora and fauna spreading across, south, west and north district of Sikkim has been inscribed by UNESCO as world heritage site. The declaration came during the 40th Session of the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO at Istanbul, Turkey on July 17, 2016. With the declaration of Mixed Criteria World Heritage, UNESCO said “Mythological stories associated with the mountain and with a great number of natural elements like; lakes, rivers, caves and other formation which are worship by the indigenous people of Sikkim”. Among others, Khangchendzonga National Park is only site which was listed under “mixed category”

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