“Every sportsman has the right to have the same respect. I have lot of respect for all those Paralympics medals winners who have shown their great performance and made us all proud by becoming Olympic Champion” - SHIVA THAPA

the boxer whose punches and blows is more powerful, more aggressive, throwing maximum number of punches and is looking active throughout the fight is preferably winning the round and the bouts. Before the London Olympics if you hit one left and one right and it gets land you get one point for one punch but the scoring pattern has been changed now, it is like the professional boxing system. The scoring system according to judges is one who wins gets 10 points and one who loses gets 9 points. It depends if the boxer is losing in big margin he might get 8 or 7 points. Now there is no more scoring for punches, now the whole boxing is about impression, aggression and more landing of punches.

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