Kudos to Sikkim Taxi Drivers

So I requested him to bring back my item of luggage from the hotel. I even tried to give him some money to contact me but the driver refused the money and assured me that he would bring my luggage safely the next day.
I was not very sure that the driver would send my luggage as there was reasons: firstly, I had left the package at the hotel and the driver had nothing to do with that hotel; secondly, this is tourist season, how they could afford to sacrifice the time to collect and send my luggage safely. It wasn’t their duty too. Thinking of these reasons I lost hope in getting back my package and the next day regretting the loss, I joined my duty. Suddenly, I got a call from the very driver who had assured me that he would send my luggage. He told me the name of the driver and number of the taxi which was bringing my luggage. The vehicle arrived at Gangtok and I found my article intact.
Sikkim is a tourist destination. Such sincerity and honesty of the drivers’ community would be helpful to attract more and more tourists. Taxi drivers are the first local people who are met by the tourists and the behavior shown by the drivers will reflect on the behavior and mentality of the local people.
I hope the driver brethren will maintain their sincerity and honesty which are the greatest assets of their profession and ultimately this will benefit their state also.

D. B. Rai (Tadong, Gangtok )