Kanak Sen Deka

His has been a bold rhetoric against the chauvinists, fundamentalists, sectarians and also the insurgents that have made their appearance during the last three decades.

Kanak Sen Deka with his journalistic and literary pursuits has very ably nurtured his pet hobby not only as the editor of the Assamese daily Agadoot but also with his innumerable writings trying to make the new generation aware with his strong arguments based on factual analysis.

Kanak Sen Deka has taken the Sabha to dizzying heights with his tremendous literary contributions. The Assam Sahitya Sabha has become the largest literary organisation of the nation.

Talking to this scribe, Kanak Sen Deka revealed that there was a time when Assam Sahitya Sabha was  dubbed as the literary organisation of the middle - class Assamese speaking people. The myth has been removed when we find that all the ethnic languages of Assam, be it Bodo, Rabha, Tiwa, Mising, Karbi, etc. have together been amalgamated to be known as the Samatido Sahitya Subha Manch. Writers of different ethnic groups are actively taking part in the Assam Sahitya Sabha deliberations.

Interestingly, the vexed foreign national problems that were so vehemently protested against by   various organizations including the political parties of Assam have led the Assam Sahitya Sabha to be criticised by its protagonists.

While on the subject, Kanak Sen Deka led a delegation on behalf of the Assam Sahitya Sabha to Delhi for a national seminar on the challenges before Assam recently, which popularly came to be known as the “Delhi Declaration.”


- E.P. Desk