Achievers Award 2013 For NGO

Achievers Award 2013 For NGO

Dr. Sangthankima

Dr. Sangthankima founded the Thutak Nunpuitu Team (TNT) on the 14th of November, 1988 at Champhai town. Dr. Sangthankima, is a man who has made something of himself in spite of the trials and tribulations that life has thrown at him. On attaining the age of 20, he had devoted his life to God and committed himself to help people who needed guidance, the poor and the socially deprived in order to lead them towards the right path so that they may abstain from social evils and receive salvation. However, he himself would never stand in the way of his ministry which is his first and foremost commitment in life. It is from the above mentioned concepts that TNT the institution came into being.

The institution is very commendable as it strives to rid the society of alcoholism, drug addiction besides providing help and shelter to mentally disabled persons and orphans. The maintenance and uplifting of this institution was a slow and gradual process undertaken by Dr. Sangthankima himself as he took on all the work required to make this initiative the success story it is today. In the earlier stages, the institution had enrolled only one or two alcoholics, however in due time the institution multiplied its enrollment by large numbers and this can be credited to the results that it has produced by way of the number of addicts that have been cured after treatment. Soon the ministry expanded in order to serve a larger number of the needy who are thirsting for the miraculous service that it has been administering daily.

In the year 1991, the institution moved to a large plot of land that was generously donated within Aizawl itself. It was on this plot of land that an orphanage was established in the year 1995. The institution has, over the years been a temporary shelter for a number of people from the North East region itself and also those hailing from other parts of the country who have gone there with the firm belief that they will receive solace from their problems. Needless to say, all of these people have been welcomed with open arms into the institution as TNT has always been run without the issues of creed, religion and cast becoming dividers and reasons for alienation.  
The institution has three centres for treatment. The first centre known as the Calvary Home TNT, Kolasib is located 90 km northwest of the city of Aizawl. It was established on 17th June, 1994 and is a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts and also a mental home. The capacity of the centre is 35 beds (20 beds for drug addicts and 15 beds for mentally ill patients). The second centre, opened on 3rd July, 1999 is called the Calvary Centre TNT, Lunglei and is located 160 kms south of Aizawl. This centre is also meant for drug addicts and mental patients. At present, 16 males and 8 female drug addicts and 42 male and 28 female mental patients are receiving treatment at this centre. Last but not the least is the Mazuia Memorial Home located at Champhai. Mr. Mazuia was the man who took the first step among the TNT workers to establish a rehabilitation home for drug addicts at Champhai district. The centre was inaugurated on 23rd September, 2001. Poignantly, Mr. Mazuia died a short time after the centre was opened, and the centre was named after him. Till date around 334 drug addicts have been treated at the centre and at present there are 33 female and 42 male drug addicts at the centre.

Thus, the mission has grown larger as the number of people seeking help has also grown as a result of which there was a need to divide it into three distinguished sections. One section deals with alcoholics, drug abusers and people who have been led astray by the vices of society today. The second deals with the mentally ill, lunatics and abnormal people and the third deals with orphans. For all these reasons and the contribution that has been made so far, the institution has thus been given the name ‘Thutak Nunpuitu Team’ which means ‘Practical Excampler of the Truth.’