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The elections in the present political situation, does not promise of any party emerging as a single party winner. Post election wind is therefore blowing. Already the United Democratic Party (UDP)- Hills State Peoples Democratic Party (HSPDP) are on the cards. Coming up now is the Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) led by Chief Minister Candidate, Pynshngain N. Syiem who has come out with the offer that the PDF is willing to share governance   with the National People’s Party (NPP), which he has termed as being major players in the electoral game. Counting the chickens before they hatch, P.N. Syiem has calculated that the PDF would bag 15 out of the 30 seats that the party is fielding. Syiem also being the Chief Executive Member of the Khasi Hills District Council, pointed that the strength of the UDP, has been reduced to 4 in the Council, and the HSPDP is left with only two and added that the BJP has still a long way to go in politics in the state.  He further affirmed that the Congress has little chance and will not come back to power.