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HANM dissolved Women’s Wings

The Hynniewtrep Achik National Movement (HANM) Central body has decided to dissolve the HANM Women’s Wing which was led by Betty Jyrwa. Bobby Basiawmoit who is the General Secretary said that the reason for the dissolve of the Women’s Wings because many members of the wing do not take part in the organization’s struggle like the fight for the ILP, CAB and many other cause which HANM has take up. Basiawmoit also recalled that HANM has denounced Betty Jyrwa after she contest for the MLA election in 2018.

Mean while Lamphrangsnghi Kharbani who is the President said that the the organization many a times have had complain regarding the anti-organization elements in the Women Wings unit. The President also warns any other Units or Circles who are trying to break way from HANM and trying to form Interest Groups. HANM have also submitted a memorandum to Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills to not grant permission to any person with such interest.