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Flash Back November 1996

Rishang in dilemma over Revenue District Demand

Sadar Hills lies between Imphal and Senapati, dominated by Kuki tribes besides Tangkhul, Kabui, Thangal, Nepali (a negligible number). The district was bifurcated from the Imphal district during the 70s by the Centre after proper authentication and vis - a – vis, the area, the population and the boundary from whence, it was named an ‘Autonomous District Council’ headquartered at Kanpokpi. An Additional District Commissioner looks after the administration of the district. Assurances for the official declaration of the full autonomy for the district remained a ‘verbose row’ though such pledges were stock – piled in the revenue files of Imphal’s Secretariat.

After an odyssey of ‘tamed activity’ the Sadar Hills District Demand Committee (SHDDC) tightened its belt to achieve the demand, blocking the NH – 39 and 53, the only two lifelines of the state. This rocked the assembly session from the 9th of September resulting in pandemonium between the CM and the opposition members on the floor of the House most of whom were for the inauguration of the district along with the Imphal East on October 2. To cure his political agony, the Chief Minister and his Revenue Minister Mr. Hellaludin at least danced to the demand committee’s tune, assuring to inaugurate the district on the 2nd of October, following which ...

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Flash Back October 1996

Naokhel of Assam

Naokhel or boat racing competition is held with enthusiasm throughout the state and people participate in large numbers irrespective of their religion, language, caste and community.

The sport which is steeped in tradition is very popular in the rural areas, especially in Lower Assam. This sporting event is generally organised in the month of ‘Bhado’ (August – September). Every village which has a small river running through it comes alive with activity. Besides, competitions on a large scale are organised at various places along the course of the mighty river Brahmaputra.

The Naokhel is a traditional sporting event and is believed to have its beginnings in the 12th century, though at that time it was not organised as a competition. At that time it was a sport popular among fishermen. It is also believed that this sport was introduced to Assam from Bengal.

In retrospect, it can be said that the Naokhel was reflective of the strong bond that the inhabitants of the riverine region developed with nature, particularly the rivers. Since the boat had been the only means of communication in society, therefore, it was a symbol of status or prestige in society. It is assumed that the social elite had started the game, perhaps to gain social recognition and prominence. In the 15th century, Srimanta Sankardev, the great....

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Flash Back September 1996

Yoga Teacher Sets Record

Dr. Amitabh Chakraborty of Dhubri Yoga Institute recently set a record by pulling an Ambassador car by his locks to a distance of 2.5 kms. Dr. Chakraborty who runs the institute, had been practicing pulling an ambassador car since January last year. He also nursed his hair with a special kind of medicine along with regular practice.

When asked by this correspondent about his secret of strong hair, Dr. Chakraborty said that his determination and regular exercise of hair had brought this distinction. He also informed that his next aim was to pull a truck.

Dr. Chakraborty pulled the car from Mission School point along College Road, College Nagar and interior of Mission Road area which ended at his institute. The Programme was inaugurated by Mr. Murari Mohan Sarkar, district and session judge, Bongaigaon in the presence of a large gathering.

Dr. Chakraborty is also a winner of various state and national level championship competitions. He clinched the state yoga award in 1985 and 1993 while in the national yoga championship competition, he bagged first prize in 1986.

Mr. Shymal Sanyal director of the Dhubri Yoga Institute said that due to indifferent attitude of the state as well as central sports authorities many youth despite having deserving qualities could not participate in the national level competitions regularly. ... . . . . . . . . .

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Flash Back August 1996

CBI Unearths Thungon’s properties, Bank accounts exceeding Rs. 1.40 cr

In a disparaging disclosure, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has told the Supreme Court that investigations into the government housing scam had prima facie established the involvement of the former Minister of State for Urban Development Mr. P.K. Thungon with an organized gang of touts operating from within the Ministry to lure government servants into paying huge sums of money for allotment of out – of – turn housing accomadation.

The CBI told a division dench comprising Mr. Justice Kuldip Singh and Mr. Justice N.P Singh on July 19 that its investigation had revealed the gang operated from within the Ministry, the Directorate of Estates as well as different government colonies as also offices for the purpose of soliciting government servants into paying sums ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 40,000 depending on their length of service and the type of house allotted to them out of turn.

“The nation should hang its head in shame,” the shocked Judges remarked immediately after going through the CBI report. They observed a Union Minister “involving himself with such gangs to cheat poor government servants was unimaginable.”


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Flash Back July 1996

Paswan Assures development of Railways in NE

The Railway Minister, Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan recently said high priority would be accorded to development of railway infrastructure in the north – eastern region. Addressing a meeting of members of Parliament from the north – eastern states and Sikkim, Mr. Paswan said concerted efforts would be made to facilitate speedier development of the region and bring the seven states closer to each other besides linking them with the rest of the country.

The delegation included 25 MPs, including former Union Ministers Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Santosh Mohan Dev, Mr. Pawan Singh Ghatowar and former Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha Mr. G. G. Swell.

The minister said the new 142 km Jogighopa – Guwahati line and the 17 km Dudhnoi – Depa rail link to Meghalaya would be completed by December 1997.

He said the outlay on railway projects in the north – eastern region had gone up from Rs. 348 crore in 1994 - 95 to Rs. 438 crore in 1995 – 96.

Computerized passenger reservation facilities were available at five locations in Assam besides Shillong which were well connected with the Calcutta PRS system, he said.


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