FlashBack August 1994

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 Justice Delayed is Justice denied

 In India, judiciary is really an asset. It is the cornerstone upon which the liberty of the citizen in a democratic country rests upon. One of the most important factors which has made democracy survive in our nation in spite of its many handicaps, such as poverty, illiteracy, etc is the independence of judiciary and Rule of Law which withstood the test of time. Justice is the foundation of a democratic state. Courts are, but the agencies of the state to administer fair and impartial justice. One of the well settled cardinal principles of legal jurisprudence is that delay defeats justice. In case justice is delayed, it shall amount to denial of justice. So is the popular saying, “JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSITICE DENIED.”


The Indian Constitution makes elaborate provisions to ensure impartial provisions to ensure impartial justice to its citizens,irrespective of caste, creed, sex,colour and religion. In conformity with the provisions of the Constitution, the code of Criminal Procedure was enacted. The legal structure in our country may be compared to a pyramid, wit the Supreme Court at the apex. Below the Supreme Court are the High Courts, one for each state. Under the High Courts are the subordinate Courts.