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Now the Assam State Museum decided to go virtual online due to Covid 19 from May, announcement of online programmes will be given from time to time. The museums were one of the first public institutions in Assam to get a complete closure notice from the government to prevent the spread of corona virus as it was catering to the maximum foreign nationals as well as locals.


Since its lockdown clamped, the curatorial staffs of the Directorate of Museums headed by Director of Assam State Museum, Y.S.Wunglengton formulated a programme schedule to bring all the museums of Assam closer to the audience through the virtual platforms available in the internet.


 A series of video talks, presentations, and interactive sessions have already been designed by the museum professionals for the benefit of the audience of all categories which would be available in the Facebook page of Assam State Museum.

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What exactly happened?

Two sadhus with their driver were going by car from Mumbai to Surat to attend a funeral. Their names were Mahant Kalpavruksha Giri (70), Sushilgiri Maharaj (35) and Naresh Yelgade. They apparently did not have a lockdown travel pass. To avoid the police who would have stopped them, they did not go by the Mumbai-Ahmedabad national highway and took a detour by a small road in the remote rural areas of Dahanu tehsil which goes to Gujarat via the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagarhaveli. The sadhus travelling without a lockdown pass through a remote area at night worsened matter.

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“Forest is our life, why are we destroying it. Please wake up. Local people can protect our forest, not by anyone. We will face shortage of water, oxygen to breathe. Why don’t we understand? Please wake up dear NGOs and CSOS. Let’s save our life and the future,” writes N Biren Singh, Manipur Chief Minister, on his facebook post, expressing his strong concerns on the spurt of forest fires in the state.

According to satellite data made available by the Forest Survey of India, Manipur has lost at least 3,823 hectares of forest in just 13 days, to forest fire that have occurred, between 1 April to 13 April, across the state. This only a preliminary assessment of the damage calculated using the conventional thumbs-up of a ‘hectare lost to one case forest fire’.

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