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As part of the Belt and Road Initiative, China is opening corridors for trade with the neighbouring countries. A series of programmes were launched in June, 2018 to enhanced people to people contact and for better understanding and cooperation amongst China, South Asia and South East Asian countries especially in tourism, trade, agriculture and cultural relations.

The first China- South Asia Cooperation Forum, the 12th K2K Forum and the 25th China Kunming Import-Export Fair were held from June 12 to 20 where delegates from 87 countries attended.

The K2K (Kolkata to Kunming) Forum was organized by the Development Research Center of Yunnan Provincial People’s Government, the Center for Studies in International Relations and Development of India, Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Kolkata and the Consulate-General of the Republic of India in Guangzhou. The event is coorganized by Yunnan Province Business Research Institute and Yunnan International Trade Association.

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Goody-goody things about democracy and India apart, let us first see what Indian democracy is. It is important because the Indian constitution is a paradise of ‘lawyers’, it is poetry – a long poem, an artwork of great beauty, a wishful thinking of idealist minds and the like. It allows for almost anything and everything and therefore, it has been amended so frequently. It allows for every irregularity, every injustice and every sort of justice. It allows for a complete ‘soft state.’ It allows for freedom to speak so much so that recently a political leader equated the Governor with a dog and like any good news it flashed and was dissolved into the black body of party politics. The Governor was cool about it; the Court (that could take up such things suo motu) was cool about it. Why? Calling a Governor a dog is praising him for his loyalty! It is difficult to suggest the measures to be taken to improve the Indian democracy; yet, I am giving some odd suggestions.

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The shocking revelation by estimation is that every year there is a loss of tropical forest, “the powerhouse of evolution” from earth is more than 150,000 square kilometer. Being at the mercy of human race future of forest is at stake. The irony is, we the most intelligent beings are spelling our own doom by decimating forests. Unbeknown to ourselves, we are digging our own grave by our insensitive exploitation of resources. A host of Environmental legislation going by the unabated destruction has failed to curb the menace. Offshoots are the rise of earth’s temperature, drought, flood, piling of pollutants and man-animal conflict etc. So alarming the pace of deforestation drive in our mother earth is that 54 countries are reported to have lost about 90 percent forest. In a developing country like India, forests have to bear the brunt of development such as the expansion of both human settlement and road network.

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The Teachers strike of the Nagaland Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Teachers’ Association (NSSATA) which started in the month of May 2018 has reached the pinnacle where teachers are protesting in front of the State Secretariat in Kohima. A section of aggrieved NSSATA of batched 2010 & 2013 resorted to hunger strike in Kohima to protest against the failure of the state government to meet their demands. 

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The ‘Clean Dhubri Green Dhubri’ project was launched recently in Dhubri town with a view to make historic Dhubri town a clean city in Assam. A host of members from leading social organizations and also social group active in the social media joined the campaign appealing for clean and green Dhubri. It was, of late, realized that without the active participation and cooperation of the local people, it was extremely difficult for Dhubri Municipal Board alone to keep the town clean. So, the project envisaged involving people to make the Dhubri town free from garbage and transform it into a place of healthy living. Dhubri Deputy Commissioner, Anant Lal Gyani who is taking a keen interest also made a fervent appeal to the people and social organizations to extend co-operation in the mission of cleaning Dhubri.

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