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A. L Hek assures help to genuine non-tribals about for license

 Meghalaya Health Minister A. L Hek today met the Executive Member in-charge Trade of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) Paul Lyngdoh to clarify the reason on why some shops in Nongmynsong were closed down by the Council. The Health Minister said that the council has closed the down the shops run by non-tribals because they were not able to provide authentic trading license issued by KHADC during the surprise checking by KHADC.

AL. Hek said that the Council has given the shop keepers one week time to provide proof regarding their trading license. ‘Being their representative it is my responsibility to go and meet the EM to clarify the reason for their closing and help out those genuine non-tribals who have been residing here and practice trade for many many years” A.L Hek added. He concludes that genuine shop keepers should get assistance from all departments when it comes to issuing them trading license from the council.