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A seminar on "how to increase your present income Level or Build up Secured Career” under Central government organisation was held under the auspices of  Media Study and Research Centre (MSRC) of Dhubri at Town Hotel Conference Hall on May 20.

Nearly 100 educated housewives, girls and young boys participated in the seminar address by one of the most successful LICI Development Officer (senior business associate) of Dhubri under Bongaigaon Division, Debashish Sarkar. Sarkar in his hour long deliberation as the Chief Guest and key speaker stressed on the quality and hidden talent among the participants, which they hitherto not felt.

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The stand-off between the Cardiology Department and the NEIGRIHMS Administration had severely affected the patients. The dispute in NEIGRIHMS between the Director, Dr. D.M Thapa and the Head of Department (HoD) of the Cardiology Department, Dr. Animesh Mishra started on April 30th when medical items meant for the Cardiology Lab were seized by the Director as the same were purchased from a private vendor instead of Amrit Pharmacy as directed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Since then, the health care services in the Cardio department have been affected causing much inconvenience to the patients. The crisis continued in NEIGRIHMS between the doctors of the Cardiology Department and the Administration over non-supply of stents, pacemakers and equipment for carrying out surgeries in the Cardiology Department. The operation theatre of the Cardiology Department had remained non-functional, and almost six surgeries could not be conducted since equipment were not available for the doctors.

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Under ambitious Smart Cities Mission, Agartala the second largest city of Northeast is all set to get a facelift with multiple initiatives in next two years where PAN-city project envisages of Rs113.49 Cr. Applying Smart Solutions to the existing city-wide infrastructure besides, use of technology, information, and data to make infrastructure and services better. In Agartala, PAN city projects majorly focus on Integrated Intelligent Transport Management System, Smart Network, and Rapid Transit System (RTS) have been aimed to benefit and improve the quality of life of the citizens.

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May 15, 2019 will go down in the history of Assam as one of the darkest days because ULFA(I) once again dared to raise its head after remaining in wilderness for a long period of time. The grenade blast on that ill fated day brought back the horror of violent insurgency that Assam witnessed in the early 1980s.

The May 15 blast has raised one question—is it the beginning of a new phase of insurgency in Assam? Well the answer to this question is yet to come. But the fact is ULFA (I) meticulously planned this ghastly operation and executed its plan leaving the Assam police force speechless.

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A demand raised by Necardo, an NGO long ago fulfilled

After years of consistent efforts by Necardo, an NGO Immigration Check Point was opened at Dhubri by clearing the papers of foreign tourists to visit Bangladesh through river route from Dhubri recently. Officials of Customs and Immigration Checkpoint for Dhubri district informed that it was formally opened on May 1 by clearing papers of immigration of a delegation of six foreign tourists and two Indian citizens to travel through the river route to cross Indo-Bangladesh border and visit Bangladesh.

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