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In today’s cut throat competitive world, everybody wants to climb the ladder of success. The desires are aplenty. One wish is followed by another wish and the cycle continues. Every dark night is followed by sunrise. There will be ups and down in life—in fact these are bound to happen. Instead of looking at life from the prism of negativity, we should imbibe the habit of thinking positive.

On February 1, 2019, the then Social Welfare Minister of Assam Pramila Rani Brahma informed the House that in the past 18 years, Assam had witnessed 161 witch-hunting related deaths.

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River Wah Umkhrah flows through the capital Shillong and has been talked about and having a history of its own and also the surroundings. The banks of the River were certainly a patch of beauty, like the green grass and a little above are paddy fields. Every year however in the onset of monsoon, the level of the water rises, but not to the extent of over flooding the paddy crops and vegetation and also the playgrounds, including the football and cricket fields. However, this scenic description of river Wah Umkhrah had gradually changed during the last two or three decades. Unscrupulous land greedy persons had staked claims of most of the lands along the river banks and started construction of multi-storeyed buildings, extending even right into the brim of the water of the river. These are unlawful intrusions not only against the laws of the lands but also the laws of nature itself.

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Puspabati Mog, a 41 –yr old tribal housewife of Chalita Bankul village under Rupaicherri block of South Tripura has been fetching water from a stream at least twice in a day walking down three kilometre distance each time, as availability of potable surface water is in the entire stretch of Devtamura hill range. It’s not the case of usual non-availability of water infrastructure in Indian village but it was due to geo-hydrological formation. According to government record, a part of Udaipur, Amarpur, Sabroom and Belonia fall under water scared map of Tripura, despite having sufficient rainfall. The Central Ground Water Board report indicated the main source of ground water recharge in South Tripura is precipitation. Other sources of ground water recharge in the area are return flow from irrigation and seepage from ponds / tanks. Recharge from rainfall in the area accounts for 90% of the total annual recharge. The net ground water available in the district was 587.5 million cubic metres. The report claimed Bagafa block (Near Udaipur) is having the highest available ground water while Karbook block (Amarpur) is having the lowest. Puspabati is one among the female folk of the village who is experiencing the water scarcity for last 10 years.

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Union Home Minister and BJP Chief Amit Shah hailed UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as an able administrator, who eliminated politicization of bureaucracy that marred development of country’s most populous states before BJP came to power in 2017. He also said, the road to turn India’s $5 trillion economy passes through UP.

“UP ke andar prashashan ka rajneetikaran itna zyada hua tha ki pardarshita kahin door dur tak nahi thi. Focus hi prashashan tha. Prashashan rajnetaon ko khush karne mein laga rehta tha...Main kisi ka naam nahi lena chahta (There was no transparency due to politicization of bureaucracy. Focus was on administration which was busy keeping politicians in good humour. I won’t take anyone’s name),” said Shah, while speaking at the second groundbreaking ceremony of 250 projects of Rs 65,000 crore. Shah said the Yogi government has turned bureaucrats into ‘janta ke sewak’ (helper of people), rather than ‘rajnetaon ke sewak’ (helpers of politicians).

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