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1. How do you plan to carry out research in Northeast India?

Right now we are doing a lot of research on botanical prospects; especially on traditional medicine system and also planning to make documentation programme on it. We will bring our team where there will be proper scientists, researchers and experts who will work on it, so that the traditional work can be given a scientific touch and it becomes established. This will be our effort and whatever we can do we will do for it.

2. Have you visited North East India before?

I have come to Northeast several times but this is the first time that I have visited Shillong. We have done several works in Northeast especially in Assam, Manipur and planning to start here in Shillong too.

3. Are you planning to bring up a factory?

No, we will not be establishing a factory here but we will be making maximum usage of the available raw material, crafts and accordingly we can plan it out. We have planted a big unit in Tezpur. We can take raw materials from here and work on it there. We will train people from here only and establish them.

4. What is your view on Organic Farming?

Today, a new trend is being followed that is “Organic”. I would like to call it as “Fashion”. I would like to apologise for it, but they are just hybrid crops where there is no yield, no proteins, no nutrients. Just because we have not added any insecticides or pesticides it is not appropriate to call it Organic.The traditional seeds which have nutrients in it should not be named as Organic food but be named as Medicinal food. This food should reach the whole world. I do support organic farming but there is a misconception about organic farming. We work on the traditional and original way of organic farming, where there is no fertilised seeds and work on the medicinal point of view.

5. How will you make the utmost use of the resources available in Northeast India?

 Northeast has a lot of potential and we will do everything that will benefit Northeast, we will take care of it and focus on it. The traditional crops and seeds which are available here should be preserved well. If it is not done in a proper way and this traditional knowledge is not given a scientific documentation then we shall have problem in growing. People of Northeast have a lot of potential and they are hardworking also, so if they get some scientific background or some brand support then this can create a big market. For branding and marketing Patanjali is ready to support. The traditional seeds which are there should be yielded well in a proper scientific manner, so that one can get full benefit out of it. It can be enjoyed by the whole world. The crops out here are not only food, but they also serve the medicinal purpose. We should promote such medicinal food and give proper platform to it, so that it reaches every nook and corner of the world. This is my message and for this Patanjali will give its every support.

6. When will Patanjali Food processing be completed?

We have started with our production partially along with work. So both production and work are going on side by side. We are planning to complete it by March 2018.

7. Will Patnajali be successful here as it is in other parts of the country?

Public support and cooperation is there and our team is working on it. From public support only we will achieve success and I am very sure public will support us.

8. What is the total Investment?

A lot of investment has been done right now. Our project has invested around 1500 crore and above so far.

9. What is your impression about Northeast India?

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Nisha Sethia